What Is Average Casino Salary?

Casino Money and Chips

The casino gaming sector nowadays attracts a lot of people. One of the reasons is the variety of employment opportunities for both high-level professionals and absolute beginners. You don’t need to have a particular diploma or formal education to become part of the casino world. All you need is high motivation and the ability to comply with standards and rules of a gambling establishment. 

For most of the jobs offered by a casino, a high school diploma will be sufficient, especially when it comes to enter-level positions and casino floor and restaurant staff jobs. As you develop your skills and acquire experience, your salary will grow accordingly. And don’t forget the tips. Positions like a dealer and wait staff enable you to earn extra money, which sometimes can exceed the monthly salary. 

As reported by https://www1.salary.com, the average annual salary for casino workers is about $65,000. The range goes between 23,000 for shuttle drivers to as much as $100,000 for managers. Be aware that these figures vary depending on factors like the location of the venue, your education, seniority, skills, and certifications you have. 

How Much Can You Make Working At a Casino?

With a wide range of job offers comes a variety of salaries. So let’s get a little more into details when it comes to casino salary ranges in the United States for different positions. 

1. Casino Cashier 

A casino cashier has the average pay per hour $10–$12. This is the position that completely revolves around money. The cashier’s duty is to manage payouts, deliver coins and chips to the customers as well as enter the transaction details into the money management software. 

2. Slot Supervisor

The salary for this job position is $30,000–$43,000/yr. The duty of the slot supervisor is the management of staff working with slots. They also have responsibilities similar to the slot host and slot attendants, but from time to time, they also perform duties of casino managers.

3. Casino Manager

Casino Employee on th job

With an average annual salary between $50,000 and $100,000, this is one of the most lucrative positions you can have in a casino resort. Ther job consists of managing groups of people and scheduling tasks and payrolls. Their role is to ensure both customers’ happiness and casino profit. Regarding their education, casino managers should have at least some certificates or degrees in the field of marketing or human resources. Casino managers must be familiar with every working position within a casino resort, from the shuttle driver to the casino owner. 

4. Pit Boss

After the casino manager, this could be one of the most lucrative positions with a lot of authority. A pit boss can earn annually from $50,000 to $71,000. Every casino has several pit bosses managing table games, the dealer, and floor supervisors. They must ensure that the procedures are respected and that customers are happy. 

5. Surveillance Agent 

The position of a surveillance agent is paid $15–$20/hr. This is the position that includes a gumshoe detective job, but the main role of this agent is monitoring gambling tables for cheating and other illegal activities that might occur on the casino floor. This role is a step up from an ordinary security officer’s work so that the average salary is at the same level. The same salary range applies to the wait staff.

6. Casino Game Dealers

Casino Employee on th job

When it comes to the casino game dealers’ average salary, it is close to those of a waiter. Also, be aware that dealers usually earn minimum wage plus tips. The bread and butter of every dealer’s position is not their salary but rather the tips they get, much like a waiter.


The casino operation jobs have several things in common — overtime work, a lot of stress, multitasking, as well as the highest responsibility. However, they are very different in terms of duties and tasks. The salary is based upon these distinctions, seniority of the employee, and according to the job market, of course. Generally, there is something for everyone, no matter if searching for the first job opportunity or career enhancement.

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