Casino Security Agent — Job Description

Casino Guard

Casinos are some of the places that are particularly exposed to vandalism, which explains the presence of many security agents within these establishments. 

If you are passionate about the world of casinos and particularly of the job of a casino security agent, we have good news for you. Casinos are always in need of security officers since safety is one of the most important aspects of the casino business. They have to make their customers feel protected, ensuring that everything is under control. 

The Role Of a Security Officer

The most crucial role of a security officer is to secure customers and ensure the protection of a casino’s property and equipment. Also, their duties may include monitoring players and detecting fraud and cheating, which might often occur during table games like blackjack and poker.

You don’t need to have any formal education or a special diploma to get a casino security job. But you will probably receive some training depending on the specific role you will have within the establishment. However, one of the most important conditions is to have a clean criminal record. Previous work experience within police service or military is a huge plus.

Casino Guard

As we already mentioned, it’s all about ensuring people’s security during their stay within casino resorts and about protecting the casino’s property. 

Aside from these primary duties, the following tasks are also to be performed by security officers:

  • supervising the surroundings of the establishment;
  • ensuring the operation of security systems; 
  • ensuring compliance with security procedures and standards.

This job position can also require good knowledge and use of video surveillance, surveillance of fire systems, locks, access controls, etc. In its very nature, it is a very responsible job, especially in terms of emergencies and unforeseen situations such as elevator breakdowns, fires, robberies, etc.

The job of casino security can sometimes be mixed up with the job of a surveillance officer. Even though their duties can have a lot in common, these two job positions are still very distinctive. The surveillance officer is the one who helps security officers and pit bosses to detect cheating at game tables. They operate from special security rooms that are equipped with audio and video monitors and other security software. 

The salary of a casino security officer ranges from $28,000 to 34, 000 per year, which, compared to other positions within a casino, is not much. Also, be aware that the job can be quite demanding both physically and mentally. Difficult customers, night shifts, and work over the weekend can be challenging for many. If you showcase good performance, you can easily count on the development of your career and transition from security guard status to a security team leader or manager. 

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